Orchard Mesa man appears on 'American Pickers'

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ORCHARD MESA, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- For Lyle Nichols, what's one man's trash is his treasure.

Nichols, of Orchard Mesa, was featured on the History Channel series "American Pickers" Monday night. His yard is full of hidden gems. It caught the eye of producers after he sent them pictures of some of what he had during an open call of Colorado this past summer.

Show creator Mike Wolfe and his brother Robbie, who was pinch-hitting for show regular Frank Fritz, quickly connected.

"Rob had been in the stone business," Nichols said. "He could relate to what I was doing."

Nichols, a sculptor and collector has collected eccentric things ever since his wife died nearly 15 years ago to keep him busy and entertained.

He said, "I’ve become a recluse, but I always wanted to make things, so here I am."

They made deals on everything from license plates and signs, to a large chair he made out of peach wood limbs and a jail toilet.

"I felt if I didn't pay a lot for it and they can make a little on it," Nichols said.

But there was no deal on the one item that was the namesake for the episode-- 'Cowzilla in Colorado,' his cow motorhome.

"That was the big cow from the Prime Cut Restaurant at 12th Street and Orchard Avenue back in the day," Nichols said. "When you're coming at someone over a hill and that head pops up, that made it worth building the whole thing."

The pickers came up to the top of his silo to enjoy lunch and the picturesque view he has of Mount Garfield. he said.

Nichols wouldn't say how much he made off the pick. The items will go to the Antique Archeology locations Wolfe owns in Le Claire, Iowa, and Nashville.

"I didn't want to part with that much, but what can you do?" Nichols said. "There are no U-Hauls behind the hearse."

Since the episode aired Monday, Lyle's been getting calls from people all over the world wanting to pick his property next.

"People have been all very polite," Nichols said. "I sure enjoyed American Pickers putting a picture of Mount Garfield and the orchards on national TV."

If you missed the episode, it re-airs on History Monday at 6:00 p.m. You can also watch the episode online, with a valid cable or satellite subscription, on the History website.

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