'Pals' sponsor free show to promote the arts in Palisade

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PALISADE, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- In 1964 a group of Palisade ladies got together in a church basement and started to paint.

What they created was more than just art, it turned in to "Pals," which stands for Promoting Art Locally and Sincerely.

The group has held free art shows in the past, but this was their first in five years. With over 100 pieces on display, they're back and prouder than ever.

“Promoting people's ideas and their feelings is just so important, and our community is growing here, getting bigger all the time. We're just having a blast with it,” said Deb Tsakalos, artist, Pals member.

Sunday was the final day for this month's free Pals art show. There are more on the way, however, as the ladies continue to cultivate a strong arts community at the foot of Mount Garfield.