Senate District 7 votes verified; Primary race set

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Questions over whether Representative Dan Thurlow really had enough support to get on the primary ballot can now be laid to rest.

Republicans recounted votes Monday night at the elections office and verified that Thurlow is a legitimate candidate. The controversy has laid the framework for a contentious battle between Thurlow and his opponent, incumbent Ray Scott.

At the assembly, Thurlow got 32 percent of votes from the delegates, each candidate needs at least 30 percent to get on the ballot. Some delegates were concerned because there was only a verbal count of the votes, and the actual paper ballots were never counted.

After pressure from delegates, a group of Republicans got together to verify the results from the county assembly last month.

"The rules of the day said the ballots would be verbally read,” Said Robbie Koos, the chairman of the Senate District 7 board."We look forward to a primary with Dan Thurlow and Ray Scott. Dan did receive the 31.57 percent support."

"I'm just surprised that Senator Scott and his supporters are so intimidated by the thought of the primary they were willing to overturn the results of the assembly,” said Thurlow over the phone.

Scott says he's not intimidated at all.

"I think he's the one that's afraid because he tried to block it,” Scott said over the phone.

Now that it's official, Thurlow is looking forward to the June primaries.

"We can get on with debates over real issues, like having a senator that will work hard for real results,” said Thurlow.

Scott said his track record speaks for itself.

"Here’s what’s going to win the primary, hard work and voting records. And he has a voting record of a Democrat, and the voters will see that very easily,” said Scott.

The Senate District 7 Board said they will be making recommendations to the county at the next assembly to specifically put in the instructions on how to count ballots.

So, if they just want a verbal vote, they'll say so at the beginning and delegates will be able to challenge that if they want.

Election Day is June 26.

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