Report: Mesa Co. Animal Services more likely to euthanize animals

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- A new report was put out by Denver nonprofit No Kill Colorado shows Mesa County Animal Services is ranked last in the entire state for 'positive' outcomes for animals, which is when a stray is returned to its owner, or if the animal is transferred to another shelter to be adopted.

No Kill Colorado said they get all their raw numbers straight from the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA). Each shelter in Colorado has to record their animal numbers and report them back to the department of agriculture which oversees the PACFA.

No Kill Colorado took the stats and looked at 'positive' outcomes and 'negative' outcomes where animals get euthanized, although the PACFA website doesn't list why an animal was euthanized.

It's important to note that No Kill Colorado counts shelter euthanasia and owner-requested euthanasia.

After going through all these numbers, No Kill Colorado's report shows Mesa County had the worst rate among all dogs and cats in Colorado back in 2016. Compared to other states, though, Colorado was not the worst.

Mesa County Animal Services said they haven't euthanized an animal for space for quite some time.

"We haven't euthanized a healthy adoptable animal since 2010," said Doug Frye with Mesa County Animal Services.

Frye said that the numbers reported by No Kill Colorado don't sound like the same numbers he reported to PACFA.

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