Report: No violations found in woman's death at trampoline park

Published: Mar. 6, 2018 at 12:18 PM MST
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A state report shows a woman's harness became disconnected during a free-fall at Get Air at the Silo in January, causing her death. However, the investigation was unable to identify how the connection was compromised.

Ciara Romero, 20, died Jan. 4 when she fell 65 feet during a work outing at the Grand Junction complex.

The State Department of Labor said the two-month investigation did not identify violations of the Colorado Amusement Rides and Devices Statutes and Regulations. They said the incident was most likely caused by an initial connection between the carabiner and the D-ring on the harness was compromised prior to or during free-fall. Head Rush Technologies makes the QUICKjump XL, the free-fall device Romero was riding.

"This accident was virtually unprecedented," said Mahesh Albuquerque, the director of Division of Oil and Public Safety which headed the investigation. "We have not seen a fatal accident from an amusement park in Colorado that was unrelated to a preexisting health condition for over a decade, or since the division has overseen amusement park regulations."

The Colorado Division of Oil and Safety (OPS), said no charges will be filed from either their office or the Grand Junction Police Department. All equipment is required to be inspected once a year by a third party and daily by the facility. The OPS said Get Air was in compliance with these standards.

The department said in the report they will present the evidence to industry stakeholders and hold meetings to specifically identify

subsequent remedial measures to prevent the possibility of future detachment.

The OPS said they are considering requiring a second safety attachment to patrons. Until these measures are in place and implemented, amusement rides using the QUICKjump XL are closed.

Get Air at the Silos is still open. They declined a request for comment.