Rifle woman pulls the trigger on congressional campaign

Published: Dec. 15, 2019 at 2:58 PM MST
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Another person has entered the race for the 3rd congressional district, but it's not a democrat or independent looking to challenge Representative Scott Tipton.

"We've always had people coming in, like I said, people support us, it's just more so now,” says server Tori Hooper.

Lauren Boebert wears a lot of hats.

"I am a mother of four and I own a restaurant in Rifle Colorado, you may have heard of it,” Lauren says.

Folks come from all over to get a tasty burger, served by a waitress packing heat at Lauren’s restaurant, Shooter’s Grill.

"That was a perfect Segway into our advocacy for the second amendment," says Lauren.

Lauren has been speaking on the topic all over Colorado. She made headlines when she confronted Beto O'Rourke about his beliefs about gun control in Aurora.

"He just wanted to pander to his audience on our tragedies," says Lauren.

But Lauren felt a calling to do more; she says, “"If I felt that the current congressman was doing an effective job, I would not be stepping up."

Lauren says she grew up in a democratic household.

"My mom believed the lie that she could not provide for her family on her own,” she says.

But with her own children, she's raising them up with Republican ideals. She says she wants to better the world she's sending them out into.

"I believe that my record shows that I stand and fight for what I believe in and that's always on the side of freedom,” says Lauren.

But until the 2020 election…Lauren says her calendar is full with trips to towns all over the third congressional district.

"If you haven't come to shooters, you definitely should, it's amazing,” adds Tori.

Lauren announced her congressional campaign last Sunday and her next campaign stop will be in Pitkin County later this week.

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