Riverside Parkway bridge structure concerns

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO News)-- The Riverside Parkway connector is one of the younger developments in the city… but is it holding up?

“It’s unsettling,” says local business owner, Chris Brown.

KKCO 11 News received pictures taken of the embankment showing what appears to be some dislocation of concrete.

“We’re on shifting sands here. This is the desert and so things move. Houses move, everything moves,” says Brown.

It’s where South 5th St. and the parkway cross paths, making a connection between the downtown area and Orchard Mesa.
The city invested in the Riverside Parkway project around a decade ago. The roadway connects several of the major highways in the city, and has bike lanes in both directions.

“It’s the east to west corridor, from D road connecting back. It’s kind of the short cut out to the mall. It was a truck bypass or that’s what it was designed for,” says Brown.

With the development of Las Colonias the bridge could be seeing more traffic, with Riverside Parkway being the main access point to the park.
“I have faith in the city. That’s how you make it happen. You make people aware of it and they get on it,” says Brown.

The city has been notified and they are said to be looking into it. KKCO did make an outreach to the city street systems; we did not hear back at this time.

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