Sen. Scott talks U.S. and Canada policies with Consul General of Canada

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO News)-- The Canada-U.S. partnership exists through more than just a shared border; we share economic ties and similar values in our government.
Here on the Western Slope on Tuesday night, was a discussion of energy, export and economics that affect both of our countries.

“Canada is our closest ally and our best friend. We do more trade with Canada than we do any other country in the world,” says Colorado Senator Ray Scott, “We have a tremendous amount of natural resources here that if we make the right deals with foreign countries we can be an exporting state very easily,”

Senator Ray Scott and Consul General of Canada Stephane Lessard discussed policies on Tuesday night. According to Lessard, Canada and the U.S. trade over $700 billion in goods and services each year, and 89,000 Colorado jobs are dependent on trading with up north. Much of the trade is focused on natural resources.

“Whether its crude oil, whether its gas or hydroelectricity, the importance of continuing that trade and energy is so we can power our economies and create prosperity for everybody,” says Lessard.

According to Scott, there are already dozens of energy pipelines that cross between the U.S. and Canada, even directly out of Colorado. Canada is currently working on LNG transport facilities north of Vancouver. But there is talk of what could be done in the future.

“Maybe there’s a possibility that we can move natural gas through the pipeline network up in Canada and export to Asia as were working on with the Jordan Cove project. Even if that doesn’t work that way, if you move natural resources around the United States it open up markets for others,” says Scott.

Exploring opportunities for each other in the long run.

“In the future, Mesa County needs to think about maybe working more outside of our own borders for economic development,” says Scott.

Colorado is said to be number six in the U.S. for natural gas production and number seven in oil production.

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