Sheriff's deputy shoots aggressive dog

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CLIFTON, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- The Mesa County Sheriff's Office says they were forced to kill a dog in Clifton because it got too aggressive.

Photo: David Jones

"Our deputies are allowed to shoot an animal in their defense," Megan Terlecky from the Mesa County Sheriff's office said.

Deputies were called to the area of 32 Road and E Road at around 12:30 p.m. Monday for a report of two dogs attacking chickens.

When deputies got on scene, one of the dogs became aggressive towards a deputy. That's when it was shot and killed.

The other dog was taken by animal services -- no word yet on what'll happen to that dog. Deputies say the dogs were Pitbull mixes and several chickens were killed.

Neither of the deputies was hurt.

Neighbors in the area say they haven't seen the dogs before today, but that they were aggressive to other dogs in the area.

"I heard my dogs barking, so I went outside to see what the conflict was and I saw a bigger dog and a smaller dog and they had come back to my kennel," Josh Steele, a neighbor, said. "I didn’t attempt to approach him. I just said, go home, go home."

Others, upset that the dog was shot in the first place: "Shooting the dog is kinda extreme," Carmen Gomez, another neighbor, said.

Photo: David Jones

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