Lunch Loops trailhead expansion moving forward

Published: Feb. 5, 2018 at 10:43 PM MST
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Some big changes are on the way for the Lunch Loops trail system.

Monday night, Grand Junction City Council talked about the plan to connect the trailhead to downtown by building a concrete path that will start at the Lunch Loops and take visitors to the Riverfront Trail.

With the way it is now, some people do not feel safe riding and walking along Monument Road to get to it.

"I've been run off the road and with people on their phones it's getting scarier," said Todd Wright.

"Some of the improvements that'll be constructed as part of this first phase will be to extend a concrete trail from approximately where the No Thoroughfare Trail finishes off at around D Road," said Trent Prall, Grand Junction's public works director.

That will be connected with a 10-foot wide concrete path to the Lunch Loops trailhead, which will also be tied into the Riverfront Trail and Downtown Grand Junction.

"We're trying to provide more avenues for a more diverse and broad section of our community," said Prall.

The whole project is going to cost $2.5 million. Most of it will be paid for by Get Outdoors Colorado. That grant is worth $1.5 million. Mesa County taxpayers are chipping in $225,000 and the City of Grand Junction is also paying $225,000.

"We still have about $400,000 we're trying to secure," said Prall.

Some mountain bikers are on board with the project.

"The more people we have here safely enjoying it is better for the community," said biker Chris Beau.

"I'm all for it," said Wright.

Part of the project includes moving the trailhead. Prall said it's not ideal to have all the traffic, whether that be hikers. bikers or drivers all in one area.

The plan is to move the entrance for the trail system from its current location to the restrooms and in the back of the parking lot.