Students write book that peeks into the mind of local teens

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.-- Three Grand Junction High School classes participated in a writing immersion program, where students read, analyzed and wrote poems and non-fiction prose about their life in the Grand Valley.

Their words about life, loss and transgender struggles fill the pages of the book titled “Four Thousand Six Hundred Feet and Falling.”

75 students presented their work in Thursday at Grand Junction High School, their instructors with the Pulitzer Model Writers in School Program (WITS) were nothing short of impressed.
"The goal is actually what we want to see in real education, that they are taking on difficult work they are imitating it, they are learning from it they are writing better. They are making bigger leaps and their teachers are making bigger leaps with them too, and they have to work harder," said Sandy Dorr, a representative from Colorado Humanities with WITS. “Also for me it’s just students enjoying themselves getting into the flow this is creative writing, I tell them there are no mistakes just write what comes, sop its just been waves of energy in these classrooms."

Grand Junction High School is one for four schools in the state that participated the writing program.

The program benefits students academically, which has served over 3,700 students since 2011.