Study: cannabis users need nearly 2x more anesthesia

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) A local study shows a link between regular cannabis use and how much anesthesia patients need during surgery.

Patients who use pot may want to let their doctor know before having procedures that require anesthesia.

The information stems from a study done at Community Hospital in Grand Junction.

The new study shows people who reported smoking or using edibles on a daily or weekly basis need as much as two times the level of sedation than non-users.

Researchers looked at 250 patients who required endoscopic procedures.

They found that patients who regularly used cannabis needed 14% more of the pain killer fentanyl and 220% more propofol for sedation.

A professor of anesthesia at the University of Pennsylvania considers the study a good starting point, but says it needs a complete trial.

The authors of the study say that some of these sedatives have a higher likelihood of problems when taken in higher doses.

They say talking to your doctor and being honest about cannabis use is important.

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