Subdivision proposal could be adding new homes to Palisade

Published: Sep. 10, 2019 at 11:05 PM MDT
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A plan that could be expanding Palisade.

“155 single family homes is more than I think we can manage with our infrastructure,” says Palisade resident, Sandy North.

The Board of Trustees met with city residents on Tuesday to discuss a subdivision proposal that would consist of 155 new single family homes and 90,000 square feet of commercial buildings- coming out to about 19 ½ acres of property.

“The question is whether we’re going to move it from agriculture PD into a special district,” said the Mayor of Palisade, Roger Granat.

The Board of Trustees heard concerns from those in the area. Residents like Sandy North are worried about possible congestion.

“Though we understand and appreciate growth, too much of it at one time can leave us with blighted neighborhoods. The impacts to traffic and the school: those questions have not been answered. Egress and ingress is an issue and CDOT I don’t believe has weighed in on this property,” says North.

But the city says that CDOT won’t be involved in the conversation until the city starts official planning. Since the plan is in the early stages, no projected cost has been determined yet.

“There are a lot of costs that are generated that have got to be picked up by the town and that’s why rooftops don’t pay for themselves,” says Mayor Granat.

Neighbors say the 155 homes and commercial buildings are etched into the plan, no matter who the developer is.

“So even if this developer can’t meet that plan, we still will have it slated for 155 single family homes and 90,000 square feet. But someone else can come in and buy that property…..We want Palisade to stay Palisade. The quiet, beautiful place that it is and that everyone really wants it to remain,” says North.

In Tuesday’s meeting, a presentation was made by the property developer which was followed by public comment. Following the council’s questioning on a number of points, a motion was passed to deny the developer’s proposal. The developer has pulled the application and implied that they would not be re-applying.

The motion failed to grant the Planned Development Control Document.

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