Get to know Heartbeat: A support group for those left behind after suicide

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- "He told jokes all the time, he just seemed to be a really outgoing person and in there was a part that we didn't know anything about, the depression, the sadness."

Amanda Baker knows what it's like to lose someone to suicide.

"You really need help," Baker said. "The thing about a death is when it first happens all your friends are there, everybody is there, it's busy. After a while that goes away and you're left with your thoughts and so it's nice to have people that can help you through that and not feel like you're left out there all alone. Loneliness is a very hard part of suicide."

Heartbeat, a local support group, is helping fight that loneliness.

"If I tell the group that today's just a bad day, I'm just really missing my son, they get it, they just understand," Baker said. "I don't have to explain anything which is nice."

Baker joined Heartbeat 13 years ago after her son, Jordan, died by suicide.

"You just learn to incorporate that pain into your daily life," Baker said.

Now she's working to get more people involved, and help others, who are going through something similar.

"I'm not me anymore, it's not me anymore, it's helping all the people that are suffering and I really like doing that," Baker said. "I really like being the voice on the other end of the phone, I like being the person that gets the emails."

After all, she says after a suicide, we often forget those who survived.

"Often times we put all of our attention on the person who died, but sometimes people forget that there's people left behind," Baker said.

She hopes if you're one of those people, you will get help, like she did.

"They have to deal with the after affect and so that's where we come in is to help them with the after affect and to make them feel like they have a special place," Baker said. "That they're not forgotten."

When we publish stories relating to suicide we want to remind you about some of the resources available to you.

Safe2Tell allows you to report someone you think might be in trouble or going through a crisis anonymously through an app, online or (877)542-7233.

There is also a crisis text line you can use around the nation. All you have to do is text "CO" to 741741.

You can also call the national lifeline. That number is 1-(800)-273-TALK.

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