Taking training on the road

Published: Oct. 17, 2019 at 4:29 PM MDT
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It's called a mobile learning lab.

“We're mostly just excited for everybody in the community to come see it, see the opportunity for upskilling and gaining valuable skills,” says Emily Sturm of the Sturm Family.

The tractor trailer is outfitted with a high tech classroom ready to teach students about mechatronics, a new approach to the future of machining.

Something Victoria here is excited about.

"With those types of things to learn, it's best to do it hands-on so it's super important that they have an actual in-depth learning experience. The best way they're going to learn it is if they get their hands on it,” says Victoria Chavez-Herrera, a Continuous Improvement Coordinator at Western Filament.

The bus is stopping in areas that might not have easy access to training resources.

"Take someone who's in a really remote area of western Colorado and maybe they have a job, but yet they want to work on a skill and a trade and get some sort of certificate to do that, bringing the classroom to them is going to be a great benefit to that individual,” says Vance Wagener, Regional president of ANB Bank.

Victoria tells me it's important see these developments in her chosen field and in her hometown.

"Manufacturing is a reasonable career choice and it's obtainable to even everybody here,” She says.

She emphasizes the importance and even the beauty of a career in the field of manufacturing, that it's the industry that brings ideas to life.

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