Tope Elementary School rolls out new playground for the 2019 school year

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As the school season ended last spring, the ground was broken on a new playground at Tope Elementary.

The new Tope Elementary Playground for the 2019 school year.

When kids returned to school on Monday, they were welcomed back with the new playground all finished.

The playground offers new equipment like swings and climbing equipment. They've also removed the pea gravel and added wood chips to reduce heat on the playground.

They have a next step for the playground which will add shade structures, benches, and a track. School officials say an upgraded playground is good for fun, health and even teaches problem-solving. Those skills helped build the new playground.

"They had the opportunity to talk to many experts in the field then they became the experts, then actually built prototypes and presented their solutions to panel members," says Carrie Bollinger, the principal of Tope Elementary School.

Our reporters had the opportunity to talk to some of the kids about the new playground and apparently, the swings are very popular right now.

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