Training to educate on human trafficking

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Western Slope Against Trafficking held an event in downtown Grand Junction today to educate folks on what human trafficking is and how they can help stop it.

Experts say human trafficking is something that often goes unseen, but that it’s something happening everywhere and often right under our noses.

They attributed that to the many different kinds of human trafficking, making it difficult to spot. Labor trafficking exists in 25 different industries and there’s also sex trafficking occurring right here in our state. Angela Rae Clark, a survivor of trafficking, says it’s important to bust myths around the topic—especially the myth that all trafficking looks the same.

“When we use images that show the hands being bound or shackles around the feet or bars in front of people, that’s not true representation of what trafficking actually looks like. Only 5% of us actually experience that,” says speaker Angela Rae Clark.

This training will teach people that victims of trafficking are often our most vulnerable populations and trafficking is accompanied by signs of abuse.

Angela says she wants to encourage folks that if something looks off, call authorities… and don’t assume someone else will take care of it.

WSAT hopes to hold these events regularly in Grand Junction.