Trump re-directs Colorado visit, campaign stop in Grand Junction still in question

Published: Aug. 5, 2016 at 12:34 PM MDT
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Leaders with the Mesa County Republican party said Thursday evening campaign officials were surveying sites around the city for Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, to have a campaign stop in Grand Junction. They were looking at 3-4 sites and doing security checks.

Friday morning it appears the campaign is switching gears, and Trump won’t be coming back to Colorado, at least not yet.

Mesa County Party Leaders say their communications with the campaign have "gone quiet" they haven't gotten a confirmed yes that the candidate will be there, but they haven't heard a no, either.

Reports indicated Donald Trump would also be in Pueblo, making two stops in Colorado, Friday morning the Pueblo stop was cancelled. What that means for the Grand Junction visit isn’t completely clear – but it could mean the candidate is skipping Colorado altogether.

Sarah Cummings, General Manager of the Colorado State Fair, told the Pueblo Chieftain that while she had been in talks with the Trump campaign about hosting the stop at the Events Center, she was advised by Trump representatives that scheduling issues would not allow Trump to be in the Pueblo area.

According to Trump’s website, he has campaign stops in Iowa, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire on Monday.

No stops for Tuesday have been announced by the campaign, yet.

We asked locals what they thought of the idea of Trump coming to town.

"I think he's a really polarizing candidate whether you love him or hate him. I think a lot of people have already made up their minds at this point. I don't know if Grand Junction is a large enough community to be worth it," said Ellen Thomplinson.

"Donald Trump is not conservative he is authoritarian it's a mis-guided support but its support for him none the less," said Caleb Green.

"We need a businessman to put this country back on track, he needs to speak his mind here," said Stuart Shader.

"The venue needs to be very large, because that is a huge ego," said Dillard Jenkins.

"I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton, but I have not decided yet. I wish he was a little but more stable," said Dolores Miller.

We’ll update this story when a campaign stop is confirmed or another stop is announced.