First Street construction running ahead of schedule

Published: May. 10, 2017 at 8:44 PM MDT
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Even with some setbacks, the First Street construction project, which was scheduled to be completed July 14, is now running ahead of schedule.

Kevin Carmichael, owner of Pro Tire, can only describe the First Street construction project in one word.

“A 'challenge' to say the least,” said Carmichael.

He said the cones have put a wrench in profits, nearly 10 percent.

“It’s not good for any of us right now,” Carmichael said. “Customers say, there is no way I'm going down First Street, I ain't going down until it's done (sic).”

The city said they are ahead of schedule and under budget. Extra incentive is driving the construction company to speed up the process.

“From the very beginning, they asked that they incentivized the contract to finish up early,” said Trent Prall, the city engineering manager. “The contractor is set to earn that full incentive being done the middle of June.”

Keep your eyes on the road because there's going to be another shift in traffic.

“Next week we hope to pave the eastern half of the road, the northbound lane out there,” said Prall.

Carmichael just worries about becoming one of the vacant buildings nearby.

“Don't get me’s going to be nice when it’s done. Hopefully, nobody goes out of business before that happens,” Carmichael said.