Video shows alleged animal abuse at local doggy daycare

Published: May. 7, 2019 at 5:08 PM MDT
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An alleged case of animal abuse at a doggy daycare in Grand Junction after a viewer sent us video she recorded of the owner appearing to hit a dog several times.

In the video, it appears to show the owner of Playcare Pets, Stacy Erdman, hitting a dog with a stick or pole screaming, "You don't bite other puppies. Idiot!"

It allegedly happened earlier this year at the location in the 300 block of North Avenue.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture is the investigating party and they confirm a complaint against the business has been filed.

Sasha Ross is the viewer who sent us this video.

She says she used to run her grooming business out of the same facility and claims she saw similar acts of animal cruelty on a regular basis.

She says employees would leave dogs on the table and in the tub and forget about them.

We also talked to Stacy Erdman.

She wouldn’t go on camera but she sent us a written statement.

Erdman says she did not actually hit the dog.

She says she was swinging a 'bendable plastic tube' near him because he had just attacked another dog, but claims she never made contact.

Mesa County Animal Services is also doing their own investigation.

We will continue to follow his story as it develops.