WATCH: KKCO interviews Country Jam star Darryl Worley

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MACK, Colo -- KKCO 11 News Reporter Kali Greenberg caught up with Country Jam star Darryl Worley. Worley took the Country Jam stage on Saturday.
Twenty five year of Country Jam. It’s quite a tradition. What do you think that says about the fan base?
It says everything about the fan base. For a festival of this size, to be still up and running after that length of time, you have to have the patrons. I can’t speak for every year, but every time I’ve been, there have been plent of fans out there. I love it when I see it on the schedule, I go: 'Ah, we’re going back to Country Jam.' So, we’re proud to be coming here again.
So, it’s not your first time. Is there anything you remember from the crowd?
We haven’t really had time on this trip. But, I come out here a lot. I come out here and hunt. Shoot out here. Fish out here. I spend a lot of time in the West, especially during hunting season. I was telling the guys this morning. Wyoming is beautiful. Montana is beautiful. We’ve been to all three states this trip, but there is just something about Colorado. It’s one of the most beautiful states in the United States and we always enjoy coming through here. Everywhere you look, it’s something a little bit different. We never get tired of looking at it.

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