WATCH: KKCO interviews Country Jam stars Big & Rich

MACK, Colo -- KKCO 11 News reporter Kalie Greenberg had a very entertaining interview with Country Jam stars Big & Rich. The duo performed Saturday night on the main stage.
Have you checked out some of these campsites out here?
Rich: Yes, we drove in and made sure we drove all the way through. I think by the time we got through, we pretty much had everyone’s phone number.
Big: There are people out there going… Kaaaalieeee. Kaaaalieeee. Kaaaalieeee. Will you be on the TV tonight….Good Golly Kalie! Oooooh…
Rich: She’s going to be on the TV tonight… Turn it up! Zoom in!

I want to see you guys jump in one of those pools out there.
Rich: Oh yeah, should we do that?
Big: We want to see ourselves jump in one of those pools out there.
Rich: We could invite you guys up on stage when we do, Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy. You could be a part of that if you want. We need a bartender, can you tend bar?

I can.
Big: Kalie could tend bar, the camera could be there behind the bar or in front of the bar or in the audience just seeing everything
Rich: We’ll call it the Rally for Kalie!
Big: We can do a cheer. Everyone at the festival can do a cheer. Kalie! Kalie! Kalie!
Rich: See, it’s so easy.

Alright, on a little bit of a serious note. We’re focused on 25 years of Country Jam. How do you guys feel about something like that?
Rich: We’ve played here a time or two in the past. When they ask you back, it’s always, ‘Man, our fans love you here.’ And you get to come back… We rolled in today and Kenny and I were remembering those canyons as you’re driving back in. Some of the greatest country fans in the world here. I’m not surprised this is some of the most loyal country fans in all of America live right here.
Big: When I heard we’d been booked out here again I went … Yeeeeeeaaaah! Going back to Colorado. I just love it here. It’s just so beautiful here. The people are great. It’s just so fun. 25 years of country music, that’s a lot of country music. And bringing it to such a vast crowd of fans.
Rich: Is it Colorado or Colorado? How do we say it?
Big: I know I’ve climbed 3 of your 14,000 foot mountains. Everywhere I’ve ever gone to or hiked to…It’s just a stunning state.
Rich: Thank you guys for having us.
Big: It makes you love country. It looks so beautiful out in the country.

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