Local golf courses stay open amid COVID-19 outbreak

Published: Mar. 17, 2020 at 9:49 PM MDT
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Most sporting events are taking a break to encourage social distancing-- but it doesn't mean all sports are put on hold. In fact, locally you can still hit the greens.

During the coronavirus outbreak, we've seen so many sporting events get canceled. How is it that golf is still up and running?

Most of the other sporting events have fans sitting in seats next to each other or waiting in large lines. With golf, it's a sport that exercises social distancing naturally.

Golf is a great activity to enjoy some fresh air, get some exercise, and not put yourself in a high-risk situation. The crew at Lincoln Park are trying to help out by extensively cleaning and sanitizing everything at the golf course.

"We are doing our part in helping to stop the spread of the virus sanitizing the golf shops, sanitizing doorknobs, any high traffic areas," said city of Grand Junction director of golf Tim Tafoya. "We are sanitizing our golf carts as they come in. The priority is to our customers and our employees first and foremost. We don't want anybody to get sick. As far as daily routine play, come out and play. Come enjoy the fresh air."

March 18 is the first men's league day at Lincoln Park and Tiara Rado Golf Course. Redlands Mesa, Chipeta and Adobe Creek are also all still open at this time.