CMU Football: Mavs trio seizes Pro Day opportunity

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The thing about college is that it only lasts four years, meaning there’s an expiration date on the time they’ve got in the classroom, and for athletes, the time they’ve got on the field.

Three Colorado Mesa Mavs have just about done all they could for their themselves and their football team in their college careers, and on Monday they look to cash in on their efforts at CSU Pueblo’s Pro Day.

“By having three of them there, I think it’s going to provide great support for each other. It’s great to have that so you don’t get out there, and feel like, geez, I’m the only one,” said Colorado Mesa Head Football Coach Russ Martin.

Martin said, it’s an unlikely band of brothers that you’ll see walking into CSU Pueblo’s Pro Day on Monday.

“Zeth is basically a local guy from over here in Eagle. Salim transferred in from Bakersfield Community College. Ge’shun Harris basically had been out of school for a couple of years. He had contacted us about possibly having a chance to come back out,” said Martin.

From their size to their stats, these Mavericks couldn't be more different, but each of the their journeys has been about making the most of the opportunities they were given.

“I had a coach in high school who told me, it's not what you do when people are looking. It's what you do when people aren't looking. I think that's what makes it, all three of us that are going to this Pro Day, we've all put in the work when nobody else was looking,” said Zeth Ramsay, former CMU right tackle.

Which is why when their own pro day was cancelled due to weather, these guys just kept plugging away for the next one.

“That happening, it gave me even more confidence cause after even though it wasn't there, I still tested myself to see where I was at,” said Salim Cleghorne, former CMU safety.

Getting to this point has been a challenge in and of itself, and none of these guys are ready to let a little snow rain on their parade.

“Like I said, I was 6’6,” 180 pounds, redshirting, I didn't even think I’d get playing time here,” said Ramsay.

Oh how things change. Four years and 120 pounds later, and you've got a tackle that's making NFL scouts do double takes.

Ge’Shun Harris, a former division one wide receiver used his second chance at life in Division II to nab 11 starts, 23 catches for 219 yards in his only season with the Mavs.

“Dreams come true when you work hard, and you pray. Make the most of the opportunities whenever they come your way because you might not get another one,” said Ge’Shun Harris.

Cleghorne, who at 5’9” and 165 pounds run smaller than your typical safety, garnered first team conference honors and racked up 42 tackles in his senior campaign.

For all three of these guys the hours have been logged, and now it’s time to shine, together.

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