Athlete of the Week: Cameron Abshear

Most kids climb for fun. But for Grand Junction's Cameron Abshear it's much more serious than that.

"Well my dad is the coach so I had to go everyday," Cameron says. "Then I just started to get in a groove and I ended up being good at competition."

Abshear finished No. 22 in the nation at the USA Rope Climbing Championships in Kennsesaw, GA.

"If you get top ten in Regional's you go to Divisional's," Cameron says. "Divisional's is two days. Top ten go to Finals and then the top six in Finals go to National's."

He also ranked 16th in the nation in bouldering.

"Right away he seemed to pick it up and just had natural ability," Cameron's father, Cody Abshear says.

At just 10 years old Cameron still has another year to go in his age group. His dad is ready to climb every obstacle along the way.

"When he made semifinals in bouldering last fall I teared up a bit," Cody says. "It really puts it into perspective. Top 16 in the nation. That's something that I'm coaching him at."

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