Athlete of the Week: Alex and Jaime Sanchez

A brother is more than a sibling. They can be your best friend, and in the case of Alex and Jaime Sanchez, your toughest sparring partner.

"Sometimes we'll put on gloves and we'll just go at it," 12-year-old Jaime says. "Although it's pretty fun. It's pretty cool having a brother that likes the same sport as you."

"We rough-house at the house," 13-year-old Alex. "It just gets us way more closer to each other."

Alex and Jaime boxing a few years ago. Things became serious once they started training at Rival Boxing Gym in Grand Junction.

"Every gym you go to you learn a couple thing," Jaime says. "I feel Rival has been a blessing."

The two competed against the best fighters in the country at the WBC Unity Green Belt Amateur Challenge in Las Vegas last month.

"We went there to put up good fights. That's what we got," Alex says. "We didn't come up with the "W" but you can't come out with the "W" every time. They were pretty good. We were pretty good. It was just a good fight overall."

Both want to continue their boxing career for as long as they can.

"I want to be No. 1, pound-for-pound champion," Alex says. "That's where I'm headed now."

Luckily for Alex and Jaime they won't be alone in the ring over their careers.

They'll have a brother in their corner.

"It helps me because if I make a mistake, he'll help me out with it. He makes a mistake, I'll correct it," Jaime says. "I don't really know how it would be if he wasn't a part of boxing with me."

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