CMU Men's Basketball: Mavs must clean up sloppy play

Two games, two losses for CMU. The first was an overtime loss to St. Edward's and the second was a double-digit loss to Dallas Baptist.

The common denominator was turnovers. The team had 41 over the two games combined.

"We've had scrimmages, exhibitions, we have't turned the call over," head coach Andy Shantz says. "Just kind of weird turnovers. Throw it out of bounds a few times, tripped and fell a couple times. Just stiff I haven't seen. Hopefully. going forward we'll see the team we see in practice everyday."

One bright sport for the Mavs was the play of junior Connor Nichols. Nichols had 27 points and nine assists against St. Edward's and 15 points, six rebounds and five steals against Dallas Baptist.

"Those turnovers will go away," Nichols says. "They're uncharacteristic. We weren't a big turnover team last year. We weren't a big turnover team my freshman year. We really emphasize that, We usually do a really good job of that. Credit to those guys for putting some pressure on us and got it. But that shouldn't be a problem the rest of the year. We should be able to figure that out really quick."

The Mavs will take on Midwestern St. on the road on Friday at 5:30 P.M. It's the team's first of two games at the Western St. Tournament.

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