Carving out X Games courses

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ASPEN, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- The Winter X Games can’t get the flips and tricks without preparation.

"We start designing the courses pretty early in the summer," said Snow Park Technologies Director of Operations, Chris Casteneda. “Ski resort makes the snow and we start pushing it and shaping it and designing it to the overall vision was for the courses."

Snow Park Technologies has been carving out the X Games courses since day one.

"We've just been running kind of nonstop since January 4th since we've been here,” said Casteneda. "Just running 12 to 13 hour days pushing snow."

The event consists of four courses. All were tougher to make this time around due t the lack of snow.

"Just really working around the schedule of temperatures and snow conditions and making some adjustments not necessarily to the courses but to the surrounding infrastructure,” said Associate Director of Event Operations for ESPN Vanessa Anthes.

All snowmaking is done at Buttermilk Mountain for these courses.

"Energy and speed are crucial to make sure the athletes are comfortable, they have enough space between the features to regain their composure before each jump and they can get through the course and do the tricks they want to do with the progression level that it's at today," said Casteneda.

The final trial for each course is the athlete test.

"After that, it's game on and we can start really fine-tuning and chizzling everything out," said Casteneda.

The Winter X Games run from Jan. 25 to 28.

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