District 51 wrestling championships underway

The District 51 Middle School Wrestling Championships got underway at Central High School on Wednesday.

The top wrestlers from Grand Mesa, Mount Garfield, Redlands, Fruita, Bookcliff, Orchard Mesa, East and West Middle School all hit the mats.

"You learn to stay calm," said Mount Garfield's Franklin Barks. "You learn to just go with what you know and you learn you can't doubt yourself at all."

The tournament runs until Thursday night.

Some wrestlers say the tournament is helps them get ready for the high school ranks.

"It helps me just to wrestle good, work on my technique and just to learn how high school is going to be," said Grand Mesa's Andrew Leyba. "There's going to be more competition. There's going to be upsets and stuff but you just have to get used to that."

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