Athlete of the Week: Jim Ettenger

Jim Ettenger lives to train others and himself.

"Two workouts a day is what I do," said Ettenger.

Ettenger is a three-time Team USA member for the World Triathlon Championship. The four-year pro was once ranked No. 13 in the nation.

"In college basically it was actually a class i took a class," said Ettenger. "They had triathlon. Took it and immediately placed really well. My second race I think i was tenth of 600."

Millions of miles late Ettenger found a passion on the sideline rather than the starting line. He coaches the USA Triathlon Junior National Team for two years.

" I started it for fun, to travel around and see the world," said Ettenger.

Ettenger's travels landed him in Grand Junction. He's been a trainer as Mesa Fitness for the past 10 years helping those on the Western Slope sprint to their dreams.

"Growing up in the west coast we all swam but I didn't have any mechanical ability in my stroke," said trainee Kathy Oakley. "So I found Jim and I got a chance to work with him and he breaks down my stroke into drills that'll help me with every aspect of the stroke."

Oakley is training for her second marathon. Ettenger cur her swim mile time from 31 minutes to 26:50 after just one year.

"You can can get motivated to do that but you have to have discipline to keep going through your training to get to your longterm goal which is a race."

Ettenger still has some races left in him. He will be competing in the Duathlon Championships on April 7 in South Carolina.

The top 10 in each age group qualify for the 2019 Multisport World Duathlon Championships in Spain for Team USA.

"It would mean that I'm back at that level," said Ettenger. "So it's good validity for me and good validity for other people that train saying you can have a good program, set up a good program and get a result from that."

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