CMU Football: Mavs to take advantage of non-conference

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) CMU football will take on Eastern New Mexico in their first road and only non-conference game of the season.

The Mavs have lost four of their last five games against non-conference opponents.

"It gets you a chance to get a non-conference game against a really quality opponent early on out of the shoots," said head coach Russ Martin. "At the same time, you get a chance to work out a couple of the kinks as you finish up into the conference."

Last year the Mavs fell to Asuza Pacific, 56-35, which led to them missing the NCAA tournament.

They plan to take advantage this time around.

"The challenges are we don't have as much film," said Antonio Clark. "On conference teams we have film from every other team so we can watch games on games. It's exciting. We don't know them, they don't know us. Just how we're kind of heading into it not knowing, they don't really know too much about us either."

The game is set for 7 P.M. on Saturday from Greyhound Stadium in Portales, New Mexico.

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