Athlete of the Week: Vlad Dandu

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) Vlad Dandu, 25, has called many places home.

"Born in Romania, grew up in Spain and then moved to the states when I was 13,” said Dandu.

Since then he’s picked up the language of the boxing ring.

“Watched the Rocky movies all of them in one night in a marathon,” said Dandu. “Started boxing and been wanting to take my head gear off and start making a living boxing since I was 16, 17."

After a decade of training and a number of amateur bouts Dandu won his first pro fight in Denver over the weekend.

"So I try to have my livelihood and passions unite,” said Dandu. “This is kind of the path right here, starting to fight pro."

Moving to the states and training at Rival Boxing Gym of Grand Junction has given Dandu the opportunity to fight for his dream of becoming a big-time pro boxer.

“I did see a huge contrast in the lack of gear, how hard the bags are, how little the gloves are. People just kind of make it happen,” said Dandu. “There’s not much available in those gyms. To have a good ring like this no way."

Dandu has two more pro fights this year. No matter where Dandu has lived he’s always had a home inside the ring.

“This is my space, this my body. I'm not getting knocked down. I'm not getting beat down,” said Dandu. “Even though it's a sport, I'm going to pull myself to it."

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