CMU issues statement after 52-0 lacrosse game

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- After CMU men's lacrosse team beat Johnson and Wales 52-0, it gathered a lot of attention in the lacrosse community. More than 20 different Mavericks scored a goal, and the Wildcats failed to even attempt a shot.

The Colorado Mesa University Co-Athletic Director Bryan Rooks released a statement Wednesday:

"Colorado Mesa University coaches and student-athletes sustain high expectations for player and coach conduct when it comes to sportsmanship. We believe in training and performance that puts forth the best from players and promotes the legacy of the sports we all love.

Fans and observers have rightly expressed frustration over the lopsided scoring from a recent game between Colorado Mesa and Johnson and Wales lacrosse teams.

CMU Athletics takes full responsibility for our role in the game's outcome and the unsportsmanlike nature of the final score. We must have protocols in place to address these issues in the future as games unfold in real-time. Allowing scores and outcomes to unfold that do not enhance the sport or contribute to the growth of student-athletes works at cross purposes to our mission. We are working closely with our coaching staff to identify, specific to the sport of lacrosse, triggers and thresholds that in the future will be in place to keep something like this from happening.

Importantly, leadership from the athletic departments of both universities have been in close contact regarding the matter. We are working collaboratively to take responsibly for our respective roles in the game's outcome and are coordinating to improve both programs in the future when it comes to sportsmanship and protocols. These conversations have been constructive, instructive and will continue in the coming days and weeks."

The statement continues by apologizing to the fans, the players involved, and people who love lacrosse.

The administration takes full responsibility for the outcome and said that the coaches, "highly regret" their decisions relating to the outcome.

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