Athlete of the Week: Ethan Richardson

Published: Feb. 24, 2020 at 9:52 PM MST
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Ethan Richardson joined the CMU team mid-season from Fresno City College. Ethan fell one class short at Fresno CC and lost his chance at playing DI, at West Virginia.

Ethan had a 10-month break before arriving at CMU. In his debut, the 6'10" stature scored 12 points and four rebounds. In his second game, Ethan snagged a double-double, 21 points, and 10 rebounds.

Shortly after, Ethan caught terrible flu causing him to lose 18 pounds in two weeks.

"That made it even harder to get my wind back. So that was a little adversity there, but everyone was sticking by me, helping me through that whole process. That was probably the most challenging thing so far."

After Ethan recovered, he went on to score a career-high of 25 points and now averages almost 12 points a game.

"You just know you're getting a quality person and high character. He's got a great touch around the basket and you can't teach that size and he's a hard worker," says Head Coach, Mike DeGeorge.

Ethan has both basketball and academic goals for the upcoming year. He hopes to become a basketball coach one day.