Athlete of the Week: Kasie Gilfert

Published: Nov. 18, 2019 at 6:16 PM MST
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Kasie transferred from Division I Northern Arizona University as a redshirt sophomore. In her first year at CMU, Kasie became the programs first to make the First Team All-American team, named the South-Central Regional Player of the Year, and earned National Player of the Week. But there was a possibility she wouldn't make it through the next season due to a labral tear and nerve damage in her shoulder.

She overcame her shoulder injury and now leads the RMAC with a .393 hitting percentage. She holds a CMU and RMAC record and ranks 16th Nationally for points per set. With a 3.79 GPA, she was also named to the Academic All-District team.

"She's a real special kid. Type of athlete you just don't see at this level very often. Just really blessed to work with her," says Head Coach, Dave Flemming

Every time I'm recognized, I really appreciate so much because it proves everyone who told me I wasn't good enough. Being able to be here now and excelling in sports and academics; a lot of what i'm doing right now in my life, it means a lot."

Kasie has decided to forgo her last year of eligibility. She says she's ready for the next phase of her life. She is getting married next summer. Her secret to balancing it all... is staying positive.

"I get the opportunity to play on this team. I get the opportunity to go to school, which nobody else gets to have. And so I think I just look at all the positives throughout those things and I have that to look forward to."

As she hangs up her jersey, she leaves her peers with some advice.

"I would say to have no regrets and to honestly, put yourself first. A lot of times, I didn't put myself first and that made me kind of fall behind. So speak up for what you want, chase after your dreams and what you want to do because you only have one life to live and only one experience in college. Make the best of it and have fun," says Kasie Gilfert.

Kasie's dream is to work for the police department as a victim advocate.