Athlete of the Week: Lily Caldwell

Published: Sep. 16, 2019 at 6:41 PM MDT
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It was at an early age Lily Caldwell began racquetball. She wanted to do something her brother did and that grew into six straight National Junior Olympic Championship appearances.

"My main goal, whenever I get on the court and playing with someone, is to have fun. Whether I win or I lose, I'm going to have fun playing the sport that I love. I definitely have that competitive edge to try and keep working my hardest."

Her coach, Carol Pellowski, has instructed Caldwell for 12 years. she has seen the growth in Lily's game and it's been seen by major sports brands as well. Caldwell recently accepted an endorsement deal with head athletics.

"It was really cool to have someone come up to me and say 'We want to sponsor you."

"This is an endorsement of not only her character but her ability on the court and her ability to keep progressing in the future," says Coach Pellowski.

Her biggest goal in the next two years is to get a racquetball team at grand junction high

"I really want the sport to come back and be more popular than it is right now. Any person can play racquetball. It doesn't matter your size, your weight if you're fast if you're slow" says Lily Caldwell.