CMU Women's Lacrosse Honors Adams State

Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) CMU held a moment of silence in honor of Adams State player, Milanyela Meza. On Sunday, February third, "Milly," what her friends called her, passed away on her drive back to school after visiting her family in Alamosa when she lost control of her car and collided with a truck. Milly was a junior and just 20 years old. Captains Katelyn parry, Olivia Hayden and Erin Koehler took it upon themselves to give Adams State Head Coach Monica Plut, flowers. CMU wore green ribbons in their hair in honor of Milly. This took place one week after Coach Plut's first day at Adam's State and she has since helped her team cope with their devastating loss.

"She was always outgoing, always the one who started the dance contest and just really uplifting, positive person. She influenced people way beyond our team. We had her candlelight service and there were students from all over. Everywhere from Art to Football players, she impacted a lot of people. We spend a lot of time on our mindset outside of practice, we write in journals and that sort of thing. We do a lot of team bonding events and just making sure that we are as strong as that we can be. Just playing for Milly and having someone that we know is watching over us has really helped." Says Head Coach, Monica Plut

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