Athlete of the Week: BreeOnna Newberry

Published: Oct. 28, 2019 at 5:08 PM MDT
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For an athlete, it can be tough to manage time with school, practice, homework and a having time to be a kid. For one eighth grader, she is a part of two cheer teams, spends all her time in the gym and when she isn't there, she's keeping up her perfect GPA.

BreeOnna Newberry is the captain of the Bookcliff Middle School 49ers cheer team and the dedicated 8th grader is preparing for this weekend's final showcase.

"This is just a middle school team. We are getting ready for, they have one competition for the year and they compete against all the other middle schools and we are getting ready," said assistant 49ers coach Hanna Landini.

"I think we are very good," said BreeOnna Newberry. "We are ready to bring the competition."

Newberry is in 8th grade and has been cheering competitively since seven years old. She is the flyer and she brings just as much excitement to the team as how high she is thrown in the air.

"She definitely brings a lot of spunk and energy to the team," Landini said. "She's always keeping everyone on track. She's always got something to say but we love it. she's a great leader."

"It's a really, really, really cool experience because you get to make bonds with people that you didn't even know in the beginning," said Newberry. "Now, you become like a family and like sisters."

BreeOnna has a lot of sisters. She also cheers with the Express junior team that has traveled all over the country and has won national championships. She spends hours in the gym working on routines for both teams.

"It's kind of difficult because I have to leave practice some days and some days you have to get to practice early to learn new things," Newberry said.

"It's definitely not for everyone, that's for sure," said Landini. "She definitely does a great job. You have to keep your grades up in order to stay on the team. You practice all the time, you have to stay healthy, balance your social life. It's definitely rough, but they do a great job it keeps them out of trouble and having fun."

She's a 4.0 student in the classroom and she works just as hard on the mats to have a perfect team score. When she needs support, she always has someone in her corner.

"She definitely, when people are talking, tries to get everyone back on track," said Landini. "She has her negativity tree that we have at practice to take everyone's negativity off. She definitely brings the positive vibes to the team."

"Sometimes it feels like I want to give up, but then my mom is like 'BreeOnna, you can do this and just keep pushing.' When she tells me to keep pushing, that inspires me to do better," said Newberry.