Athlete of the Week: Hunter Tobiasson

Published: Mar. 4, 2019 at 6:02 PM MST
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A week and a half ago, Grand junction claimed two new individual state titles. Senior Hunter Tobiasson made a return trip to state this year after falling one match short last season. Tyler Stricker has more with the Athlete of the Week.

"You get through the regular season, you're done with it, and you finish undefeated. What was that like? What did that do for you confidence heading into the state tournament?"

"It was never about being undefeated I guess," said Tobiasson. "The goal is never to lose, right? But it wasn't something that I was concerned with. The endgame was always to be on top of the podium."

"Then you get back to the Pepsi Center, the state championships. You head in as the top seed and you've been there before but you had a little chip on the shoulder. What was that like?"

"It was all just business," Tobiasson said. "Our team is used to being in the Pepsi Center. We are used to bringing eight, nine, ten guys and competing well. It was just another mat, I guess."

"At the end, you get your hand raised, you're a state champion. What was that feeling? Senior year, you're undefeated, you get the state title, does it cap it off? Was it the perfect ending that you hoped for?"

"Yeah, yeah it was. It took me a second to realize I won because from my angle it didn't quite look like he was pinned yet," Tobiasson said. "The ref stopped the match and it took a second to realize that it was over and that I was a state champ. It was definitely a great feeling especially having both of my coaches. They are really important to me so it was great to have both of them in my corner."

"I remember being there when I heard that your match was over and you had the family and friends and everyone there for you. Tell me like that was like to look up and see them while you were on the podium?"

"It's awesome. It's like a sea of orange really," said Tobiasson. "There was a bunch of people there and it's awesome to have that support four hours from home. Tons of family, tons of friends, just people that are part of grand junction's culture. It's huge that we have that support staff."

"You look up here, and you work out here. You guys have these up all year. It sets the goal. You were there on the state runner up, now you are going to be adding your name there. How does that feel? What does that mean to you?"

"It's huge. I mean, the goal is I never just want to be on the wall but it's a great incentive I guess because we don't have them just right there," Tobiasson said. "We have them in the hall, we have team state championships and state runner's up in the hall. I mean wrestling is a big deal in Junction. We take pride in it. There is a lot of places that you are recognized around the school."

Tobiasson will look to continue his wrestling career at the next level. He will be going on college visits next week.

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