Athlete of the Week: McKenzie Surface

Published: Apr. 22, 2019 at 5:15 PM MDT
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Ten time RMAC Pitcher of the Week McKenzie Surface put on a pitching performance to remember with her second career no hitter, just one day shy of the anniversary of her injury.

"I think near the fourth inning I kind of looked up, looked at the batters we had coming up,” said Surface. “I think it was four, five, and six in the fourth inning and once that inning got over, I was kind of like getting jitters of like don't say anything but this is happening. It's kind of been a whirlwind year. It was kind of fitting I thought how everything came together with that."

The senior has the most career wins in RMAC history. Last season's ACL injury ended her season early and she pushed the recovery process to get back to peak form in her final go around.

"You want to maintain an even keel, but just to see that and to understand from an outsider’s point of view obviously being a coach, everything that happened and everything that she went through, to throw that no hitter it was incredible,” head coach Erik Kozel said. “It's not the pinnacle, it's not the end. It's kind of the beginning of the greatness that is McKenzie Surface's career."

Surface is a part of the best pitching staff in the conference with the most wins and best ERA. They’ve added a few more pitchers in rotation from last year.

"It's awesome,” Surface said. “It's great to have the extra support. Me and Kimbri took it on last year and it was great. We realized we needed some more pitchers to help out with unforeseen circumstances. It's great just to have those extra help."

She didn't have the chance to help the team in the postseason last year but the three-time First Team All-RMAC pitcher is back to help the Mavericks one last time.

"Just the way the season ended last year was just kind of heartbreaking with the injury,” said Surface. “Not being able to help the team to the potential that we definitely had last year to now, it's weird to think that it's almost over."