Athlete of the Week: Tommy Nuno

Published: Jan. 6, 2020 at 9:58 PM MST
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The Mavericks have added a handful of new players to their roster this season and four of them come from Fresno City College. Part of that recruitment is thanks to senior, Tommy Nuno, a former Ram himself who has helped guide his team to success. A career-high 36 points this weekend is a great example of that.

Tommy Nuno is a transfer from Fresno City College.He leads the team in assists and rebounds but has teammates like Jared Small and Georgie Dancer, who are also Fresno College transfers, for support.

"Just being comfortable with them and just knowing exactly what they can do just builds that chemistry right off the bat," said Nuno. "They're building with everyone else too, everyone has good chemistry now."

The California native earned All-RMAC honors averaging almost 12 points in his first season as a Maverick. He's 50% in 3-point shooting percentage and has scored in double digits in more than seven games, but he's more than just numbers. Tommy has become a role model for the lower classmen.

"Having a guy like Tommy on the court also, just learning little things from him that can elevate my game," said Georgie Dancer.

(tommy nuno) "Just trying to help everyone individually. They have different ways they need help. Some people might need help getting used to offense or defense or teamwork or someone might need a little pick me up," Nuno said. "Just approaching everyone differently."

Tommy hopes to help lead his team to a championship in his last season. After graduation, he aspires to continue to play ball overseas.