CMU indoor track: John Cusick returns to health, qualifies for national championship

Published: Mar. 8, 2016 at 8:38 PM MST
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The road to a national championship is never a clear cut path, and in many cases, it forces an athlete far beyond their comfort zone. John Cusick of Colorado Mesa knows a thing or two about that.

Friday marks his appearance in the NCAA indoor track and field championships for the mile, and it's been quite the long haul to make it the national stage for this sport and this particular event.

Cusick is a three sport runner that transferred from the University of Northern Colorado.

He battled through two season-ending injuries and completely changed his discipline, going from long to mid distance running in order to qualify for this meet.

In his first season back to health, he enters at the 14th seed with a mile time of 4:08.60.

“Coming this year my mentality changed after last year, missing out again, and it was like ok what do I need to do? So I kind of reworked some things, came in a lot stronger in cross country and decided to hammer indoor. And he’s right, we kind of expect to go this year, and I didn’t think my season was over. And so, when I found out I qualified, I was just excited,” said John Cusick.