De Beque Dream: Father and son win title

Published: Apr. 24, 2019 at 6:05 PM MDT
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De Beque boys basketball completed the perfect season, 25-0, to win their first state title since 1998. Assistant coach Brennan Rigsby played for the Dragons in 1997, a year shy of what would be the school's first championship.

This year, he was able to coach his son, and now they don't only share a name, they now can both say they are state basketball champions.

(TYLER STRICKER) "Let's just start talking about this basketball season. Obviously, come away with a big trophy at the end. Tell me what it was like."

(BRENNAN RIGSBY JR.) "It's kind of like a story in a sense, like step by step you got to slowly do it. At the beginning of season, you kind of just want to get straight to the playoffs but you got to keep working and get better every single day.”

(TYLER STRICKER) “Did you realistically see this team making a run to get the trophy?”

(BRENNAN RIGSBY JR.) "Oh yeah, definitely. I think, to be honest, I think we could have got pretty good last year but we just didn't want to play defense. We learn that you got to play defense so to win championships.”

(TYLER STRICKER) "Tell me what you thought about this team at this year. Obviously having your son on the team has got to be a fun experience for you. Did you think this team could realistically win a championship?"

(BRENNAN RIGSBY SR.) "Yeah. Kind of a funny side story, we didn't tell any of the kids this, but I can tell you that there was some staff members before the championship game started that kind of had tears in their eyes because we were that confident that we were going to win it. It was tears of joy before the game even started."

(TYLER STRICKER) "Brennan, you got a state championship trophy. Your dad, he got close but wasn't able to get it. Do you remind him about that and all the time?"

(BRENNAN RIGSBY JR.) "I try to but he always comes back with that I'm a track champion. I'm like, well, yeah that's pretty tough too."

(TYLER STRICKER) "You guys get to be on the same team to share that experience. How special is that for you?"

(BRENNAN RIGSBY SR.) "I'm glad Brennan has had such a great attitude to deal with me all these years. To be able to watch that, I constantly told coach Higuera thanks for letting me get in the best seat in the house."

(TYLER STRICKER) "Once practice is over, you guys go home. It's a basketball thing. I'm sure you guys are out there working on the court talking about it, maybe, at the dinner table."

(BRENNAN RIGSBY SR.) "We were breaking down NBA games when he was in third grade, putting it on pause and watching plays. That's just never stopped."

(TYLER STRICKER) "Do you get out on the court with him or do you guys have a hoop at home that you guys work on?"

(BRENNAN RIGSBY JR.) "Yeah. We've played once, he won't play me no more. He knows he knows I'll cook him. I'll cook him now."

(TYLER STRICKER) "The community, they really rallied around this team. You saw them in Pueblo. They had the parade back here. What did that mean for you guys to come back to that kind of reception?"

(BRENNAN RIGSBY SR.) "That's what Brennan has always played for. His teammates, his coaches, his school, his town and the same thing for me. That's what we're all about here. When you go to a state tournament in the town of 501 people and the estimates were nearly 400 were there from De Beque, what else can you say to that?"

(BRENNAN RIGSBY JR.) "It was great. I felt so grateful that everybody was out there at Pueblo. Hopefully, we can get another one."

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