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The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) provides nutrition education, breastfeeding support, healthy food, health referrals and other services free of charge to Colorado families who qualify. WIC’s goal is to help keep pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under age 5 healthy.

Mesa County Health Department FAQ

How do I sign up?
Visit this website to see if you qualify and to enroll:

Why should I sign up?
Extensive research has found WIC to be a cost-effective investment that improves the nutrition and health outcomes of families, leading to healthier infants, more nutritious diets and better health care for children. There are many reasons people choose to participate, here are a few: • Women who participate in WIC give birth to healthier babies who are more likely to survive infancy. • Improvements made to WIC food packages have contributed to healthier food available, enhancing access to fruits, vegetables and whole grains for all consumers regardless of whether they participate in WIC. • Colorado WIC has the highest breastfeeding initiation rate in the country at 82% WIC INFANTS BREASTFED. • Preschool-aged children have BETTER QUALITY DIETS and are LESS LIKELY TO BE OBESE when they have participated in WIC. • Overweight and obese rates for children ages 2 - 4 enrolled in Colorado WIC dropped from 21.2% in 2015 to 20.7% in 2018

What do I get with WIC?
WIC provides low-income pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, infants and children younger than 5 years with: • Nutrition education. • Healthy foods including fruits and veggies, eggs, cheese, whole grains, beans/peanut butter, and milk/yogurt. • Breastfeeding support. • Referrals to health care and critical social services. On average, the monthly food benefit value per person is $53. There are 455 WIC authorized retailers across the state of Colorado, and in 2018 the program served 85,000 Colorado women, infants, and children each month.

How do I use the benefits?
Eligible participants will get an eWIC card that looks like a debit card and is easy for families to use while shopping at their local grocery stores. You can swipe and go with less stigma and confusion. There's also greater flexibility and less waste. Participants get what they want when they want it. The eWIC card is easy to store in your wallet and provides better security through the use of a PIN.

How do I know if an item at the store is WIC eligible?
During your initial visit, you’ll get a booklet with all the foods/brands and information about the eWIC card. In addition, you can use the WICShopper app and can scan a product bar code while shopping. We’re here to help, if you have questions anytime, give us a call at 970-248-6914.

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