Colorado Man Proposes New Traffic Legislation

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A proposed measure from a Lakewood man would allow motorcyclists to weave in and out of traffic. Matt Worrel, the man who wants the legislation passed, says a growing Grand Junction has meant a growing traffic problem.

Mayor Jim Doody, an avid motorcycle rider, says that safety should always outweigh convenience. "That's not how I ride," said Mayor Doody. "I don't take those chances. I don't need someone opening up their car door on me."

State Representative Steve King (R) Grand Junction says the state shouldn't take those chances either. "It adds to the potential for accidents and health and safety problems for motorcyclists."

Critics of the proposal say the specifics of the law are blurred. Motorcyclists are only allowed to weave through cars if they are traveling at less than half the posted speed limit, and they can only pass at ten miles more than the slowest moving car. To get the measure on the 2008 ballot more than 75,000 signatures are still needed.

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