Breastfeeding mother asked to leave pool

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.(KKCO)_ Grand Junction Parks and Rec is changing it's policy all thanks to local mother Jessica Coleman who got an unusual request this weekend now she says she is standing up for what's right.

"I nursed him openly and unashamedly at the pool," says Coleman

But not everyone was as open to Coleman breast feeding her 13 month old son while attending a birthday party at the Orchard Mesa pool. At least one person complained to pool managers.

"The manager asked me to move to the bathroom which I feel is an inappropriate place for anyone to eat"

She refused to move protected by Colorado State Law.

"Colorado state law says that if she has a right to be in the pool than she has a right to breast-fed and that's the bottom line," says Birth coach Laura Ripple Carpender.

It may be the bottom line but the issue is also a first for Grand Junction Parks and Rec.

Coleman met with city officials Wednesday morning.

"I am impressed that they are using this as a positive catalyst for change in the future so that they will have appropriate tools and knowledge to share with their staff so that this don't occur in the future."

Officials with Grand Junction Parks and Recreation say they plan to change all of their training manuals and make sure all of their employees know the laws when it comes to breast-feeding they plan to make these changes in the next few weeks.