Hazing incident lands two Norwood teens in Denver detention center

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NORWOOD, COLORADO (KKCO)--A Western Slope town is divided and parents on both sides of the issue are outraged after a hazing incident at a wrestling tournament lands two boys in juvenile detention.

KKCO 11 News Reporter Brian Shlonsky was in Norwood High School last night; he spoke with angry parents who are calling for the firing of the schools principal.

A hazing incident where two brothers, in 8th and 9th grade, supposedly wrapped a 7th grader in duct tape, pulled on his underwear, and sodomized him with a pencil.

The victim is the son of Norwood Principal Tom LaFramboise.

That call landed the two brothers in juvenile detention, something that has some parents and students enraged, saying hazing incidents happen all the time and the principal turns the other cheek. Only reacting now because his son was the victim.

Friends of the two boys who are in trouble declined to go on camera, but said they would never do something like this, that although there was some hazing… it was all in good fun, and are now afraid the principal will come after them without reason.

One student says 20 kids will transfer if the principal isn't fired, and that's a third of the school.

So last night, parents and students on both sides met with the Norwood School Board in small private groups, most of them calling for the principals firing.

While the victim's family says this is all a tragedy.

There were about 60 people at the meeting, a lot of them saying the principal needs to be fired for letting hazing take place all the time with no consequence.

The board heard their suggestions and is working on a decision.
Some students say they've already quit school teams because of the incident, and say not getting in trouble is all about who you know at Norwood High School.

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