Little League Worried About Development Plans

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The future of the Mesa County Fairgrounds has many organizations worried.

County commissioners are considering several options including selling some of the land or renovating it and building a civic arena.

Atleast one dozen organizations would be affected by any changes, the 4H Club, the C.S.U. Extension Office, the arboretum, and the Orchard Mesa Little League, to name a few.

Even though county commissioners say it is very early in the planning process groups like the little league say they're planning for the worst, but hoping for the best.

"We're concerned if they sell this land we would have to relocate," said Orchard Mesa Little League Board Member Paco Mendenhall.

He says 500 kidswould have to find other fields to play on. "Uprooting seven fields would be quite a task for us."

The league says it's not jumping to any conclusions. It's waiting to find out when and if the program would even be affected.

"Until then we're on pins and needles," said Mendenhall.

Mesa County Commissioner Steve Acquafresca says he's taken several calls about the fairgrounds' future and says it is a big "what if" right now. He says the county is just trying to figure out what all of the options are.

"You can see the wear and tear of years on the buildings, we need to make some major investments to maintain quality," said Acquafresca.

The county will either renovate buildings and build on the fairgrounds or relocate some of the facilities.

"We want to make sure that the user groups have ample opportunity for input and we would want the groups to sign off on any major changes."

County commissioners say they've made no decisions at this point and say the plans are in the very early stages.

The Orchard Mesa Little League is hoping for good news, so they don't have to move their fields and their home.

The meeting is scheduled Tuesday night from 5pm to 6:30pm at the fairgrounds.

If you would like to have a say in future development plans at the Mesa County Fairgrounds, click on the link below to contact your county commissioner.

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