Montrose Mining Company Gets Second Inspection

A Montrose mining company subjected to a search last week, was under scrutiny once again Monday. Montrose fire officials and the Environmental Protection Agency served an additional warrant to the Elizabeth Mining and Development company in Montrose Monday morning. The search was in connection to a number of fire code issues. Last week, the Colorado Attorney General's office conducted a search and seizure warrant of the facility, looking for violations of improper treatment and storage of hazardous materials. "Part of the report by the Attorney General's chemist threw up red flags, and we wanted to know what some of the problems were," Deputy Fire Chief of the Montrose Fire Protection District Dale Erickson said. Montrose fire officials, along with the EPA, inspected the facility Monday morning, finding a wide range of violations, eighteen in total. "Some were minor, and have already been corrected, some of the major ones were a lack of labels on containers, and federally mandated placards on the outside of the building," Montrose Fire District Chief Bob Pistor said.
The company has until Feb. 23 to come back to the Montrose
Fire Department with a timeframe on correcting the problems. In the mean time the facility, which strips precious metals from junked catalytic converters, has been allowed to reopen."We were told by the EPA there is no immediate threat to life," Pistor said.Pistor adds while there were initial allegations the facility was illegally dumping chemicals, that has not been substantiated. The EPA will remain on site until Wednesday. Elizabeth Mining and Development could not be immediately reached for comment, but according to the Montrose Fire Protection District, the company has been cooperative and are already working to correct some of the minor violations.