Olathe sweet sweet corn harvest in full swing

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OLATHE, Colo. When you think of Olathe, you probably think of its famous sweet, sweet corn.

Tuxedo Corn, one of the largest producers of sweet corn, is in the thick of it's first harvest after a week delay, thanks to Mother Nature.

"May was not only wet, but it was cold, and we just couldn't get crops to grow,” said Tuxedo Corn Owner John Harold. "My birthday was yesterday and my wish was that we would start the harvest."

Tuxedo Corn is working overtime - sixteen hour days to make up time lost, and harvest as much corn as possible.

"We probably have close to 600,000 boxes to go,” said Harold. “We've probably harvested 15 to 20,000 so far.”

Getting the corn from farm to table is no short or easy journey.

“You have to get everything ready, you have to schedule the plantings, you have to nurture the crop, you have to harvest the crop, you have to cool the crop, you have to ship the crop,” said Harold. “And hopefully you get paid for the crop!"

The corn must be cooled down to 35 degrees Fahrenheit before being shipped out so that it doesn’t become too starchy. After coming in from the field, the corn is submerged in icy cold water and then covered in ice.

The corn industry is a big boost for Olathe's economy. Tuxedo Corn alone brings in over five million dollars in revenue each season, and employs hundreds of laborers - not to mention supplies all the corn for the Olathe Sweet Sweet Corn Festival which draws over ten thousand people every year.

The Olathe Sweet Sweet Corn Festival is Saturday, August 1st from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuxedo Corn provides all you can eat sweet corn; you just have to purchase a ticket.

The tickets are 10 dollars for adults, five dollars for children under twelve, or 30 dollars for two adults and four children.